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Development history

Innovative R & D

  • 2004Year

    Enter the industry

  • 2005Year

    Deep ploughing electrostatic removal technology

  • 2006-2007Year

    Entering the market segment, the sales volume is among the best in ChinaGeneration II

  • 2008Year

    CE certification

  • 2009Year

    ROHS certification

  • 2011Year

    Private technology enterprises

  • 2012-2014Year

    The company has more than 40 patents and entered the transformation and innovation enterprise period

  • 2015Year

    The fifth generation of intelligent anti-static equipment came out and high-tech enterprises were cultivated

  • 2016Year

    Dongguan advanced unit of scientific and technological innovation, national high-tech enterprise and school enterprise cooperation

  • 2017Year

    Iso9001:2015 quality management system certification with 50 patents

  • 2018Year

    Dongguan small and medium-sized technology enterprises

  • 2019Year

    Guangdong small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises won the national high tech Award for the second time

  • 2020-2021

    Won the Chinese anti-static equipment brand enterprise

  • 2021

    It has won more than 80 patents and won the 33rd round of quarterback match (Champion) of Dongchao football club.

Company environment