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Keyuan Anti-static won the honorary title of "China Anti-static Equipment Brand Enterprise"

Release time:2022-01-14 Views:624Second

On December 27, the anti-static equipment produced by Dongguan Keyuan Anti-static Equipment Co., Ltd. (Kappal International) was highly recognized by the Anti-static Equipment Branch of China Electronic Instrument Industry Association. The honorary title of "China Anti-static Equipment Brand Enterprise" in 2023, the only award-winning enterprise in South China!

Since its establishment, Kapal International has been committed to the research and development of anti-static products. It is a domestic advanced anti-static equipment manufacturer and a comprehensive anti-static advanced high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, innovation and service. All products have been recognized by ISO, CE, ROHS and third-party high-quality testing technical service organizations, and have obtained more than 80 scientific research patents for appearance, utility model and invention, and have successively won the "Private Technology Enterprise", "China Anti-static Industry Chairman Unit" ", "Tsinghua University Dongguan Boshang Most Beautiful Enterprise", "China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Pearl River Angel Cup Benchmarking Enterprise", "High-tech Storage Enterprise", "Advanced High-tech Enterprise", "Dongguan Technology Innovation Advanced Unit", "Guangdong Province Technology Enterprise", "Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise", "Anti-static Industry Standard Participating Unit", "China Anti-static Equipment Brand Enterprise" and many other honorary titles.

Kapar has huge advantages and influence in the field of static electricity removal equipment with resources, talents, network, scale and experience. It has successfully shifted from product mechanization to product intelligence, and industrial 4.0 static electricity online monitoring! It will lead the electrostatic equipment industry into intelligence, dataization and networking, and at the same time, it will also make "kapper Kapal" a new business card for China's intelligent manufacturing in foreign exchanges, so that the world can re-understand China's intelligent manufacturing from a new perspective. kapper," to demonstrate the power of Chinese brands to global users.