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Kapal actively develops the construction of intellectual property management system

Release time:2022-01-05 Views:573Second

Recently, Kapal is actively carrying out the construction of enterprise intellectual property management system.

The intellectual property management system is a national standard led by the State Intellectual Property Office, which aims to help enterprises establish a scientific and standard intellectual property management system, form an intellectual property management system that runs through all aspects of production and operation, and realizes the acquisition and management of intellectual property rights. Maintain, use and protect, effectively monitor its own and industry-related patents in real time, effectively grasp the intellectual property rights of competitors, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.


Kapal will design a systematic, standardized and effective intellectual property management system and working methods through the construction of a standardized, standardized and specialized system of intellectual property management, and run through the links involving intellectual property rights in all departments of the company, so that the management system is suitable. , effective and sustainable, and improve the level of risk control and management. It is believed that through the construction of the intellectual property management system, Kapal's management will be brought to a higher level, and the enterprise will be more competitive.