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Powder filling to eliminate static electricity

Release time:2021-12-28 Views:598Second

Powder filling to eliminate static electricity

Static Hazards:

In the process of packaging powdered materials in small containers, the containers are typically transported on a carousel, from the feed system, through the filling station to the conveyor system. During the filling operation, the problems that arise are:

1. The powder adheres to the outside of the container and will cover the inner wall of the container.

2. The powder is adsorbed on the filling head. Powder accumulation will eventually lead to misfilling.

3. Contamination outside the container will also be rejected by the customer.


The two nozzles are located just before entering the loading station. One nozzle is towards the outside of the container and the other is towards the inside of the container. The annular bar is located near the height of the filling head, where the end of the distribution pipe is also located. In this way, powder adsorption to the container walls and accumulation of powder on the filling head is eliminated. Optional KP2001A strong wind ion nozzle