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Printer to remove static electricity

Release time:2021-12-28 Views:650Second

Printer to remove static electricity

Static Hazards:

The printing process involves frequent bumps, frictions, and contact-separation processes, resulting in nearly everything involved in the printing process being electrostatically charged.

1. Affect the printing quality of the product: the surface of the substrate is charged, they will absorb paper scraps or a large amount of dust, impurities, etc. in the air, so that "flower spots" appear on the printed product, or due to mutual repulsion, the winding slips, Unrolled.

2. Affecting production safety: In severe cases, charged substrates may even cause air discharge due to ultra-high potential, resulting in electric shock or fire. Charged ink can cause ink, solvent ignition, or shock workers through ink.

3. During the printing process, the electric charge generated by friction will cause problems such as empty sheets, double sheets, multiple sheets, and inaccurate overprinting during paper feeding; the surface of the paper with static electricity is also easy to absorb some paper wool and dust, resulting in printed images. Malfunctions such as blooms or spots appear.


It is recommended to install KP504A ion rod and KP506A ion rod.