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About the installation and use of ion wind rod

Release time:2021-12-10 Views:768Second

The ion air bar is a special equipment for stationary static elimination, which is a kind of rod type static elimination product. Its main features are as follows:

Easy installation, stable work and fast static elimination.

How to install the ion wind rod correctly: insert the end of the ion wind rod connection wire into the high voltage output jack of the high voltage generator, turn it clockwise to the end, then connect the ground wire of the ion wind rod connection wire to the grounding post on the outside of the high voltage generator, and After confirming that the grounding is good, insert the plug of the high-voltage generator into a socket with a grounding wire (pay attention to the operating voltage of the high-voltage generator), install the ion wind rod in a suitable position, and turn on the power of the high-voltage generator to work.

The following points need to be paid attention to when using the ion air rod:

1. Read the operation manual before installation and operation.

2. It must be grounded reliably before operation.

3. The ion air rod cannot be operated in a flammable and explosive environment.

4. Do not repair without authorization.