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Three Capabilities of a Kapal Static Eliminator

Release time:2021-12-10 Views:595Second

Three capabilities that Kapal static eliminators need to have:

1. The ability to eliminate static electricity depends on the speed of eliminating static electricity

It has the ability to quickly eliminate static electricity, which depends on the way of applying high voltage.

2. Ion balance

Ion balance is a measure of how much static electricity an ionizer can remove and how long it can stay at a minimum value. The closer the static voltage is to 0V, the better the balance of the static eliminator.

3. Maintenance of static elimination ability

The ability of the static eliminator (discharge speed and ion balance) gradually weakens with the increase of use time. The main factor for the weakening of the ability is the accumulation on the electrode tip and the wear of the needle tip. When using the static eliminator, not only the discharge speed should be considered. , the change in static elimination ability over time should also be considered.