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Textile red rod application example

Release time:2021-12-28 Views:533Second

Textile red rod application example

Static Hazards:

Although electrostatic discharge will not cause long-term damage to the human body, it is a miserable thing to suffer tens of thousands of volts of electric shocks many times a day in a textile factory. Personal discomfort from shock colliding with machines, walls, or other objects is a typical and direct injury from electrostatic discharge. There is also a decrease in the productivity of workers and machines caused by blocked machines or damaged electronic components; and a decrease in product quality due to lint adsorption, fabric tangles, and especially when workers touch the fabric as a last resort.


Air-sourced ion bars are installed in front of the problem area. The flow of ionized air removes static electricity from the fibers, increasing yield, improving quality, and reducing reject rates. Use KP506A air source type static elimination rod.